Our Story


Padraig Coaching was formed in 2012 to provide one to one coaching to middle and senior level leaders who wanted to become better leaders.  Leaders who wanted to be both confident and humble while thoroughly enjoying the role of “leader.”

In 2014 we began to expand our offer to group and team programs — helping leaders work and learn together in workshops across North America.

In 2020 we significantly enhanced our support to leaders throughout the continent by introducing The Partnership and The Network — two coach-led, peer-based leadership programs. Additionally, in 2020 we will launch a number of learn at your own pace, online leadership courses.

MyLeadershipTools.com is home to our Padraig’s peer programs, leadership library and self-led courses.


Our vision is a world where organizational leaders are confident, caring and supported in their leadership of others.


Our mission is to provide support leaders to grow into their leadership confidence and comfort by learning, testing and practicing their leadership skills within communities of like-minded leaders.

The Team

Kathleen Cameron

Kathleen’s easy-going nature allows her to collaborate with clients in a positive, energetic and dynamic way. She is an accomplished communications consultant who brings more than a decade of corporate experience to her practice. She understands the complexity of working within large, diverse organizations and helps her clients navigate the challenges of working in fast-paced, demanding work environments.

Eve Gaudet

Eve Gaudet

Eve is known for her caring and direct style in working with her clients. Her approach is accessible while she uses her innate curiosity to help clients gain new perspectives and discover what may be holding them back, and their untapped strengths to move forward. Working with managers, Eve’s goal is to create space for transforming their leadership. For executives, she’s known as a confidential strategic thinking partner.

Nathalie Marceau

Nathalie works with teams and leaders at all levels in organizations, from executives who face strategic, political or communication challenges, to new appointed leaders who are defining their leadership role, while helping teams of leaders to be more cohesive and resilient. As well, Nathalie has a passion for Career Management – often and underlying foundation for people and, “Helping people achieve their dreams” is Nathalie’s favourite motto.

Jim Simms

Jim is passionate about helping leaders and organizations advance through complexity or to solve the hard problems that some leaders might try to avoid. He has a rich history of building ethical, progressive and high performing teams in challenging environments and is committed to helping leaders develop through mentoring, executive coaching and teaching.

Renae Leitch

Renae’s mission is to live everyday with intention and integrity and to make a positive difference in the lives of people that she interacts with both professionally and personally. She values a partnership approach to learning. Renae’s focus of practice is working with senior leaders/managers in large organizations to make a difference both to the individual and the organization as well. Her goal is to help create a coaching culture of leadership within organizations.

Geraldine De Braune

Geraldine’s exuberant energy and almost insatiable curiosity ignite deep discovery in her clients and Geraldine’s belief in limitless possibility elevates her coach approach. Through direct, insightful questioning—and a smattering of serendipity—Geraldine helps clients identify and access the best they have to give and be. She is particularly drawn to work with entrepreneurial women looking to take greater charge, claim their power, and unleash their full potential in business and in life.

Katharine Cherewyk

Meet Katharine once and you’ll feel as if you’ve known her your entire life. Katharine is a compassionate, curious and highly perceptive executive coach. She is known for using her sincerity, honesty and ability to connect to her clients in an authentic way to uncover what is truly keeping a client from moving forward. Katharine is passionate about helping people to develop and nurture a wholehearted way of life that is grounded in courage, compassion, and connection.

Patrick O’Reilly

A recognized leader in his fields of endeavour through 20 years of progressively more senior roles, Patrick then launched Padraig Coaching & Consulting in 2012. Patrick has been described as, “fierce energy in a container of calm” and he focuses that energy on our clients while assembling and supporting our team of renowned certified coaches who work together with you to create a successful, connected and inspired leader, team and organization.

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